Low center-of-gravity design improves flight distance performance of the bottom of face

Fairway woods

Flight distance performance of the bottom of face (impact point) is specifically the important element of fairway woods and utility clubs, which often involve hitting off the ground for the second shot. Flight distance performance was enhanced due to ultra-low center of gravity achieves high kick velocity.

No fear of topping and duffing

To prevent topping, the leading edge (boundary between the face and sole) is lowered so that the face touches the lower part of a ball. In addition, the back of sole is allowed to slide by to prevent duffing. (Utility clubs)

inpres DRIVESTAR for LADIES Shaft (Driver, Fairway Woods, Utility Clubs, and Irons)

Yamaha new brand VANQUISH was jointly developed with Mitsubishi Chemical specifically for inpres DRIVESTAR for LADIES. The new shafts have softer butt and middle areas, which provides lady golfers with pause stability at the top-of-swing and ease of hitting. A neutral color that goes will with navy crown is used.


Number #4 #5 #7
Loft Angle (°) 17.5 20 23
Lie Angle (°) 58.5 59 59.5
Structure SUS630 precision casting body, Maraging 455 face with uneven thickness
Shaft VANQUISH for inpres LM423f
Shaft Flex <R>/A/L
Shaft Weight (g) <45.5>/43.5/41.5
Shaft Kick Point Middle
Club Length (inches) <R> 42.75 42.25 41.75
A 42.75 42.25 41.75
L 42 41.5 41
Balance <C5>/C5/C1
Club Weight (g) <R> 276 279 282
A 275 278 281
L 272 275 277
29g・L59 equivalent/with BL/no logo
  • *Indicated values are design values that are subject to change.
  • *Actual values for individual products may differ slightly from indicated values.
  • <R flex> is available on a special-order basis. (Special-order items are back-ordered.)
  • Clubs: Made in Japan, Head covers: Made in China.