• Notice Regarding Counterfeit Products

    Our investigations have confirmed that well-designed counterfeit “Yamaha” golf clubs are being distributed through online sales and other channels. These counterfeit products are so finely made that it is extremely difficult to differentiate these based on appearances. We are consulting with relevant organizations as we continue our earnest investigations into this problem, however we advise consumers to be careful and cautious.

    We have attached a written warranty in both English and Chinese for all authentic Yamaha golf club models released from 2015 onwards.

    We are doing our utmost to identify and shut down manufacturers that are producing and selling counterfeit products, so that our customers can feel confident that they are using authentic Yamaha golf clubs. The manufacture and sale of counterfeit products is an infringement of intellectual property rights, and the sale of counterfeit goods as if they were authentic constitutes fraud. We are concerned that customers will unintentionally become involved in activities that violate civil and criminal law through the purchase of counterfeit products. In addition, unlike authentic Yamaha products, these counterfeit products suffer from many quality and safety issues; the use of counterfeit products can lead to unforeseeable accidents and damage. We advise consumers to exercise care and caution.

    So that our customers can feel confident that they are using authentic Yamaha golf clubs, we ask that they make their purchases at official Yamaha Golf retail stores. When making purchases online or through other distributors, there is a risk of purchasing counterfeit products. Please be careful not to purchase any products that look suspicious.

    If a customer purchases a counterfeit product, the customer is fully liable for any defects or damage resulting from its use; Yamaha shall bear no liability whatsoever.

  • Yamaha provides warranty coverage for the Yamaha products originally sold by Yamaha Authorized Distributors and Dealers Only.