New X37 material increases kick performance

Fairway woods

New X37 stainless steel with high-toughness and resilience enables more precise designing. Higher kick performance close to rules limit allows a surprising longer flight distance.

The combination of new X37 material and carbon fiber crown delivers a lower center of gravity and stability

The combination of new X37 material and carbon fiber crown successfully decreased a low center of gravity by1.8mm (19.2mm, fairway woods) and 0.7mm (utility clubs) comparing to previous model, which is important for clubs that hit off the ground. Transverse moment of inertia was increased by using a stainless steel material X37 with a higher specific weight for the body, resulting in enhanced straight flight. Both fairway woods and utility clubs achieve high trajectory due to an ultra-low center of gravity and more forgiving from the large moment of inertia.

Achieved both a large moment of inertia and a traditional good head appearance

Both a lower center of gravity and a large moment of inertia design and traditional sharp shape are maintained in fairway woods and utility clubs.

  • Fairway woods
  • Utility clubs

inpres DRIVESTAR Shaft (Driver, Fairway Woods, Utility Clubs, and Irons)

YAMAHA jointly developed carbon shaft SPEEDER NX for Yamaha dedicated to inpres DRIVESTAR with Fujikura Composites Inc. The present model is designed to set harder end and softer grip of the shafts comparing to the previous model.


Number #3 #5 #7
Loft Angle (°) 15 17 19
Lie Angle (°) 58 58.5 59
Shaft SPEEDER NX for Yamaha M423f
Shaft Flex S/SR/R
Shaft Weight (g) 59/52.5/47
Shaft Kick Point Middle
Club Length (inches) 43.5 42.75 42.25
Balance* D2
Club Weight (g) 305/293/287 311/299/293 315/303/297
S: <Y23GC4060> 40g・M60 equivalent/with BL/no logo
SR/R: <Y23GC3560> 35g・M60 equivalent/with BL/no logo
  • *Indicated values are design values that are subject to change.
  • *Actual values for individual products may differ slightly from indicated values.
  • Clubs: Made in Japan, Head covers: Made in China.
  • *Speeder is a registered trademark of Fujikura Composites Inc.