inpres DRIVESTAR Driver NEW


New BOOSTBOX structure transfers impact energy into boosting kick velocity to a maximal degree

Unique advanced technology for higher kick velocity BOOSTBOX: the combination of BOOSTRING technology that consolidates the area near the face into a fixed ring-shaped structure and SPEEDBOX structure that increases the rigidity around the face perimeter. That inhibits excessive vibration during impact, which transfers impact energy into kick velocity to a maximal degree.

Head shape using science and feel to hit the ball where it flies the farthest

Golfers subconsciously tend to try and hit the ball at the point they think is the vertical center of the club.Therefore, considering that tendency, Yamaha designed the crown and face shape so that the area that is subconsciously recognized as the center matches the location that results in the longest flight, which is slightly above the face center. The head was designed so that impact points are centered in the upper portion of the club face. Now, a normal swing produces a higher club head revolution velocity at the face center, which increases kick velocity.

Unique COUNTERWEIGHT SYSTEM achieves rules-limit-class transverse moment of inertia

The rules-limit-class transverse moment of inertia 5,570g・cm² was achieved with unique COUNTERWEIGHT SYSTEM that optimally places a total of approximately 25g of weight on the toe, back, and heel around the center of gravity. Even if the ball is not hit at the ideal contact point, straight-line stability and the kick velocity of the ball are maintained to produce an impressive fight distance and trajectory consistency.

Achieved both a large moment of inertia and a traditional good head appearance

Clubs having a large moment of inertia tend to have a large projection area, however, inpres DRIVESTAR features traditional shorter length and sharper shape in rearward direction, making it easier to establish a comfortable stance.

inpres DRIVESTAR Shaft (Driver, Fairway Woods, Utility Clubs, and Irons)

YAMAHA jointly developed carbon shaft SPEEDER NX for Yamaha dedicated to inpres DRIVESTAR with Fujikura Composites Inc. The present model is designed to set harder end and softer grip of the shafts comparing to the previous model.


Loft Angle (°) 9.5 10.5 11.5
Lie Angle (°) 59
Transverse Moment of Inertia (g・cm²) 5,570
Structure Precision cast 6-4 titanium body, Carbon fiber crown
Shaft SPEEDER NX for Yamaha M423d
Shaft Flex S S SR/R R
Shaft Weight (g) 58 58 51.5/45.5 45.5
Shaft Kick Point Middle
Club Length (inches) 45.5
Balance D5
Club Weight (g) 296 296 284/279 279
40g・M60 equivalent/with BL/no logo
35g・M60 equivalent/with BL/no logo
  • *Indicated values are design values that are subject to change.
  • *Actual values for individual products may differ slightly from indicated values.
  • Given SLE rules (rebound regulations)
  • Clubs: Made in Japan, Head covers: Made in China.
  • *Speeder is a registered trademark of Fujikura Composites Inc.