inpres UD+2 Ladies Iron

photo: Special women’s design for preventing mishits

New technology added to the fabled +2-club flight distance!

“Consistently Pleasing Sound” Easy to swing, easy to hit square, straight flight with an exhilarating sound of impact.
Everyone needs to experience this ultra distance.

Limit-Pushing Repulsion

All clubs feature face design that dramatically increases kick velocity

Super CG design

Ultra flight distance thanks to ultra-low, ultra-deep CG design that facilitates clean contact and high flight

High Kick Velocity Loft Design

Strong loft delivers maximum kick velocity; Super CG Design delivers high trajectory flight




Original carbon TX-419i
Original carbon TX-419i


Original rubber, blue logo on front, with BL (30g)
Original rubber, blue logo on front, with BL (30g)


Number #6 #7 #8 #9 PW AW SW
Loft Angle (°) 26 29 33 38 43 49 56
Lie Angle (°) 61.75 62 62.25 62.5 62.75 62.75 63
Design AM355P Precision casting
Shaft Original carbon TX-419i
Shaft Flex L
Shaft Weight (g) 51.0 51.0 51.0 52.0 52.5
Shaft Torque (°) 4.1 4.0 3.8 3.6 3.3
Shaft Kick Point Tip
Club Length (inches) 36.75 36.25 35.75 35.25 34.75 34.75 34.5
Balance* C2 C3 C4 C5
Club Weight (g) 330 337 344 352 361 364 370
Grip Original rubber blue, logo on front 30g, with BL Y19GL30
  • *Specifications are design values, and thus are subject to change.
  • *Individual products may feature minor deviations in measurement.
  • Standard head speed and flex ranges: Original carbon: Flex L: 28-34 m/s
  • All irons are nickel chromium plated.
  • Clubs: Made in JAPAN
  • Loft and lie angles cannot be adjusted.