RMX 218 Driver NEW

Increase flight distance with a high draw

  • The combination of the new Head Turn Energy Design and the Super Dual-Powered Body II produces the highest kick velocity of any RMX club head.*
  • Straight Flight Design improves trajectory consistency 25%.*
  • An aesthetically pleasing shape and clean sound of contact.
  • Equipped with Remix Tuning System (RTS).

*Yamaha Golf comparison with previous models

The Next Phase of Flight Distance

Kick velocity increased 0.9 m/s, which adds 5.5 yards to flight distance*

photo: Head Turn Energy Design

photo: Super Dual-Powered Body II

*Yamaha Golf comparison with RMX 218 models

The entire face is a high kick velocity zone.

photo: Ultimate Face (patent pending)

The Next Phase of Consistency

Trajectory consistency improved 25%.

photo: Different Straight Flight Designs for different strategies

*Yamaha Golf comparison with previous models





Original rubber J100 45g
Original rubber J100 45g
<M60 Ribbed>
Head cover
Head cover


Loft Angle (°) 9.5 (±1) 10.5 (±1)
Lie Angle (°) 59/(59.75)/60.5
Face Angle (°) 0
Head Volume (cc) 460
Structure CNC 6-4 titanium face, 811 titanium casting body
Shaft FUBUKI Ai II 50
Shaft Flex S/SR SR/R
Shaft Weight (g) 58.5/57 57/55
Shaft Torque (°) 6.0
Shaft Kick Point Tip-Middle
Club Length (inches) 45.5
Swing Weight D2
Club Weight (g) 298/297 297/295
Grip Original rubber J100 45g
  • *Specifications are design values, and thus are subject to change.
  • *Individual products may feature minor deviations in measurement.
  • *Swing weight and club weight figures are for the case of a 10-g weight.
  • *Suggested head speed and flex ranges: FUBUKI Ai II 50...S: 41-46 m/s, SR: 38-43 m/s, R: 35-40 m/s
  • *Shaft specifications are manufacturers' published figures.
  • *RTS sleeves are installed on all shafts.
  • *RTS sleeves are not sold separately.
  • *The lie angle figures in parentheses are for cases when the sleeve is set to Low or High.
  • *Clubs conform to SLE rules.
  • *Clubs: Made in Japan. Heads, original head covers: Made in China
  • *Head weight: 197 g (with 10-gram weight attached)

Setting Image

photo: Setting Image

Remix Tuning System

The Remix Tuning System (RTS) equipped with the RMX drivers makes it possible for you to create the club that fits you best! Improve your distance and accuracy!

photo: Remix Tuning System

New RTS Sleeve

In addition to the lie angle, the new RTS sleeve makes loft angle (±1°) adjustment possible as well.

photo: New RTS Sleeve

Options & Accessories

The new RMX driver heads plus many types of custom shafts that offer the perfect combination for every golfer and maximize their performance. Offering the perfect combination for every golfer.

photo: Shaft/Head

Caution: About The Remix Tuning System (RTS)

photo: About The Remix Tuning System (RTS)