inpres UD+2 Driver NEW

Securely grabbing the ball enables explosive straight flight.

“String of Daily Bests” Driver

Transfers impact energy into kick velocity

Highest moment of inertia and CG angle in its weight class

Air Speeder for Yamaha

These “Air Speeder” clubs from Fujikura are designed specifically for Yamaha. In addition to increasing kick velocity based on a sense of rebound, a medium kick point was also used to increase stability.
Generates explosive and super-straight flight!

Explodes off the club and flies “super straight” no matter how hard you swing!
“SPEEDBOX” and “New Super CG Design” Technologies deliver a string of “day’s best” results.

Creates “explosive flight”!

01. Revolutionary Structure “SPEEDBOX”

01. Revolutionary Structure “SPEEDBOX”

Flies “super straight” no matter how hard you swing!

02. New Super CG Design

02. New Super CG Design



Air Speeder for Yamaha M421d (S/SR/R)
Air Speeder for Yamaha M421d (S/SR/R)


Original head cover
Original head cover


Loft Angle (°) 9.5 10.5
Lie Angle (°) 61
Face Angle (°) 0
Head Volume (cc) 460
Structure 6-4 titanium face with uneven thickness, 811 titanium precision casting body
Shaft Air Speeder for Yamaha M421d
Shaft Flex S S/SR/R
Shaft Weight (g) 53 53/48/43
Shaft Torque (°) 5.6 5.6/6.0/6.2
Shaft Kick Point Middle
Club Length (inches) 45.75
Balance D5/D4/D4
Club Weight (g) 284/279/275
Grip Y21GT3560F (35g, equivalent to M60, Ribbed, logo on front)
  • *Specifications are design values, and thus are subject to change.
  • *Actual values for individual products may differ slightly from indicated values.
  • Complies with SLE rules (rebound regulations).
  • General guideline values for head speed and flex are indicated to the right. Air Speeder for Yamaha M421d...S: 39–44 m/s; SR: 37–42 m/s, and R: 34–39 m/s.
  • Clubs: Made in Japan, Head covers: Made in China.
  • *Speeder is a registered trademark of Fujikura Composites Inc.