inpres UD+2 Spoon

Equipped with Ultra Distance +2 Technology!

With unique structure, the Ultra-High Performance Spoon is now complete!

  • A lightweight, high repulsion titanium body with a heavy tungsten sole for Super Low-Deep CG
  • FRICOFF SOLE achieves excellent drive-through
  • Stronger Loft concentrates the energy toward the front for maximum kick velocity
  • Uses an original, lightweight shaft jointly developed with Mitsubishi Rayon

photo: 85g of titanium body + 118g of full tungsten alloy sole



Original graphite TMX-417F (SR/R)
Original graphite TMX-417F (SR/R)


Original rubber J200 40g
Original rubber J200 40g
<M60 Ribbed>
Original head cover
Original head cover


Number SPOON (#3)
Loft Angle (°) 14.5
Lie Angle (°) 58
Face Angle (°) 0
Head Volume (cc) 175
Structure 6-4 titanium casting body tungsten alloy sole
Shaft Original graphite TMX-417F
Shaft Flex SR/R
Shaft Weight (g) 50/48
Shaft Torque (°) 5.6/5.7
Shaft Kick Point Tip-Middle
Club Length (inches) 43.5
Swing Weight* D0
Club Weight (g)* 295
Grip Original rubber J200 40g
  • Specifications are design values, and thus are subject to change.
  • Individual products may feature minor deviations in measurement.
  • Suggested head speed and flex ranges. Original carbon TMX-417F... SR: 37-42 m/s, R: 34-39 m/s
  • Clubs: Made in JAPAN
  • Head cover: Made in CHINA