inpres Z205 Driver

The new Heavy Head Design weighs 5 g more than before so the amount of energy at impact is increased!

  • Ultra-High MOI design with a 460 cc and shallow-backed profile head.
  • The club is designed to be extremely stable and easy to swing.
  • The manufacturing of musical instruments gives a high, metallic, and exhilarating sound on impact.
Yamaha Golf’s human test hit results.



Original Graphite TMX-515D (S/SR/R)
Original Graphite TMX-515D (S/SR/R)
Highly stable and keeps the strike point consistent.


Original Rubber J200 40g
Original Rubber J200 40g
<M60 / Round>


  • Head coverHead cover


Loft Angle (°) 9.5 10.5
Lie Angle (°) 61
Face Angle (°) 0
Head Volume (cc) 460
CG Distance (mm) 35.5
Structure 6-4 Titanium Forged Face 811 Titanium Casting Body
Shaft TMX-515D
Shaft Flex S SR R
Shaft Weight (g) 56 54 52
Shaft Torque (°) 4.9 5.2 5.4
Shaft Kick Point Tip-Middle
Club Length (inches) 45.25
Swing Weight D1 D0 D0
Club Weight (g) 298 293 291
Grip Original Rubber J200 40g
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • Individual products may feature minor deviations in measurement.
  • Conforms to the SLE rules.
  • Clubs: Made in Japan.
  • Head Cover: Made in China.
  • Suggested head speed ranges: TMX-515D (S: 41 to 46 m/s; SR: 38 to 43 m/s; R: 35 to 40 m/s)