RMX 216 Driver

For golfers who want a long flight distance that stays on the fairway.

216-Launch the ball right from the sweet spot

  • Flies straight and stays on line. A high-trajectory, high-performance driver for secure hits.
  • The head alone achieves 6.4* more yards of flight distance thanks to its newly developed Super Dual Powered Body.
  • 460 cc slightly shallow back club head. Emphasizes stable direction and a secure feel.
  • Extremely short and deep CG for an automatically closed face that helps prevent slicing.
  • Features RTS (Remix Tuning System)
  • An Excellent metallic sound and a hitting sensation that lets you feel the high kick velocity.

* Yamaha Golf Survey

Newly developed Super Dual Powered Body adds 6.4 yds.

Head deflection to really launch the ball

photo: Deflection from six slits builds up impact energy and releases it in one burst.

photo: Optimized thickness around the clubface provides increased repulsion.

Great forgiveness for off-center hits

photo: Symmetrical structure that minimizes flight loss on mishits

photo: The Ultimate Face (patent pending) features a wide repulsion area designed with a supercomputer.


photo: For hitting sensation, the sound says it all.

photo: These clubs are not obsessed with design.

Remix Tuning System

The Remix Tuning System (RTS) equipped with the RMX drivers makes it possible for you to create the club that fits you best! Improve your distance and accuracy!

photo: Remix Tuning System

New RTS Sleeve

In addition to the lie angle, the new RTS sleeve makes loft angle (±1°) adjustment possible as well.

photo: New RTS Sleeve

Options & Accessories

The new Remix series lineup features two Super Dual Powered Body heads plus four types of custom shafts that maximize performance, offering the perfect combination for every golfer. The lineup delivers whatever combination of weight, flex, and other features you need.

photo: Shaft/Head


Loft Angle (°) 9.5 (±) 10.5 (±)
Lie Angle (°) 58/(58.75*)/59.5
Face Angle (°) 0
Head Volume (cc) 445
CG Distance (mm) 32
Structure CNC 6-4 titanium face, 811 titanium casting body
Shaft FUBUKI Ai 50
Shaft Flex S/SR SR/R
Shaft Weight (g) 59/57 57/56
Shaft Torque (°) 5.2/5.3 5.3/5.4
Shaft Kick Point Tip-Middle
Club Length (inches) 45.5
Swing Weight D2
Club Weight (g) 302/300 300/299
Grip Original rubber J200 45g
  • *Specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • *Individual products may feature minor deviations in measurement.
  • Suggested head speed ranges: FUBUKI Ai 50...S:41-46m/s, SR:38-43m/s, R:35-40m/s
  • Clubs: Made in japan.
  • Head Covers: Made in China.

Setting Image

photo: Setting Image

Caution: About The Remix Tuning System (RTS)

photo: About The Remix Tuning System (RTS)